Breakfast of the World

Bacon, sausage , eggs, mushroom, seasoned chopped tomato, grilled tomato with cheese, black pudding, hash brown, beans and toast,
Spicy Turkish sausage, finger sausage, boiled eggs, menemen, salami, pastrami,, feta cheese, fruit cheese, halloumi, mixed olives, honey, tahini, strawberry jam, rose jam, sigara boregi, turkish pepper, tomato, cucumber & parsley served with Turkish bread. £8.95 for one £15.95 for two
Oven baked sour bread topped with egg, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, spring onion, parmesan cheese. Served with parma ham, potato fritters and honey yogurt.
Pancakes with maple syrup, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, crispy seasoned potatoes, mushroom & fruit.
Sigara boregi, vegetarian sausage, boiled eggs, diced potatoes with spicy beans, falafel, halloumi, avocado.
Poached eggs on cooked ham, covered in hollandaise sauces, served on top of a breakfast muffin.
Poached eggs on seasoned spinach & kale, covered hollandaise sauce, served on a breakfast muffin.
Toasted muffin topped with wilted spinach , sliced beef pastrami, grilled halloumi, poached eggs and our homemade hollandaise sauce.
poached eggs on crushed avocado, seasoned with garlic and lime, served on top of a breakfast muffin.
Sweet bun Containing raisins. Served with butter.
Sweet bun containing raisins, Served with butter.
Fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup. Somethin Else? Just Ask!
1.Chocolate or 2. Chocolate , strawberries, Cinnamon or 3. Fresh Fruit, ice cream, honey & Pistachio sprinkles. Something Else? Just Ask!

Meze Platters

Olives, Cacik, Humus, Acili Ezme
Olives, cacik, humus, acili ezme, sarma dolma, halloumi, sigara boregi, chicken souvlaki, lamb souvlaki, kofte, sucuk.
Olives, Cacik, Humus, Acili Ezme, Sarma Dolma, Halloum, Sigara Boregi, Falafel.

Cold Mezes

A classic Middle Eastern dish of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice
Red chilli pepper puree mixed with tomato & onion with olive oil & parsley
Natural yogurt mix with cucumber pieces & garlic.
Spinach, yoghurt, tahini sauce & garlic.
Carrot puree mixed with onions, potato & garlic.
In special marinade.
Char grilled peppers topped with feta cheese, olive oil & a hint of garlic.
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs & spices, slow cooked in a olive oil & lemon juice.

Hot Mezes

Served with Turkish Bread.
Lentil, bulgur, onion, parsley, herbs
Marinated skewered chicken grilled over charcoal, served with salad & cacik.
Marinated skewered lamb grilled over charcoal, served with salad & cacik.
Lamb meat balls in tomato sauce.
Spicy Turkish Sausage grilled on charcoal & served with salad.
A much loved Cypriot cheese, lightly grilled & served with salad.
Pan-fried creamy garlic mushrooms.
Pan-fried paster filled with feta cheese & herbs.
House bourbon marinated chicken wings served with our homemade bourbon sauce and fresh salad.
A Traditional mediterranean styled diced courgette mixed with feta cheese, onion, egg , flour and served with rocked salad & grated feta cheese.
Pan fried with onions.
Quinoa balls with avocado.

Speciality Burgers

Slow cooked chicken Alfredo sauce with rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and crispy potatoes.
Slow cooked chicken in BBQ sauce and melted cheddar cheese with onion & mayo dip with cabbage salad and crispy potatoes.
Chicken breast cooked on the grill with tomato, lettuce, pickled cucumber, cheddar cheese and steak house fries.
Slow cooked sliced beef with grilled aubergine, sautéed onions, peppers, tomato sauce and crispy potatoes.
Minced steak stuffed with cheddar cheese and mushroom dressed in parmesan, served with caramelised onion, tomato and steak house fries.
Minced steak with bolognese sauce, mayonnaise cabbage salad and steak house fries.
Beef meatballs served with lettuce, tomato, onion & gherkin pickles, Cheddar cheese and crispy potatoes.
Home-made falafel and grilled halloumi served with salad, chips and hummus sauce.
Chargrilled halloumi, roasted red peppers, crisp iceberg lettuce, red onion & tomato. Served with fries and salad.

Wraps & Paninis

Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potaties.
Served with rocket and steak house potatoes.
Served with rocket and steak house potatoes.
Served with rocket and steak house potatoes.
Served with rocket and steak house potatoes.

Homemade Pizza

Cheese & Tomato
Prawn, tuna, onion, sweetcorn, sliced tomato & mozzarella.
Minced lamb, onion, tomato, parsley.
Tradittional Turkish Pizza, flat bread topped with minced lamb, spices, onions, green charleston peppers, egg.

Salad Bar

Chicken pieces blended with guacamole sauce on iceberg lettuce with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.
Sautéed beef with classic pepper sauce, potatoes, spring onion, rocket and fresh tomatoes.
Tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn, olives, spring onion with feta cheese and salad dressing.
Broccoli and cauliflower blended with fresh greens, dried almond, tomato dressed in olive oil & lemon sauce.
Prawn, calamari, mussels, iceberg lettuce, dry tomato, spring onion, garlic red onion and tartar sauce.
Grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, croutons, caesar dressing.

Pasta Dishes

Mixed seafood (calamari , prawns, mussels, salmon) served woth tomato sauce and grated parmesan cheese.
Served with parmesan cheese and white wine sauce.
Minced beef with parmesan cheese.
Tagliatelle, julienne cut chicken with peppers, onion, courgette, basil and creamy tomato sauce.
With mushrooms and garlic with pesto creamy sauce and grated parmesan.

Kids Menu

All of our kids meals served with chips. Please ask for more options.